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Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Spain is an enchanting country where you come to enjoy the sun, to fiesta, to bask on the beaches, to go shopping but also to admire the rich collections of the museums as the l ‘Escorial, exceptional architectural works like the Sigrid Familial in Barcelona, the Alhambra in Granada. But beyond the clichés, you really have to take the time to discover the other facets of Spain to really capture the soul of this country and its people living between tradition and modernity. Here, all the pleasures are allowed. It is therefore not surprising that the country is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. You can also visit the in order to avail various new discounts.

The chief aspects of Mediterranean coasts

The Mediterranean coastline happily combines a wide range of landscapes and a variety of atmospheres conducive to holidays both natural and ferniest, sports and festive! Each of the Costas offered by Spain attracts for its quality beaches, sometimes wild, sometimes urban and many are labeled.


A land of culture, history, festivities and incredible natural spaces, the regions of Seville, Cordoba, Jaen and Granada bear witness to the splendor of Andalusia’s past. To enjoy exceptional beaches, choose the region of Almeria, Malaga and Cadiz.

Northern Spain

A true patchwork of exceptional landscapes, small villages of tradition and historical monuments, the North offers a wide range of activities conducive to discovering the nature and history of the country: national parks, viewpoints, caves, museums and monuments.


The capital of Catalonia perfectly combines authenticity with its Gothic Quarter, its miles of rambles, tapas restaurants and modernity thanks to the jewels of Modernism or contemporary architecture. The beaches, the climate, the gastronomy and the festive atmosphere make Barcelona a destination of choice.


Capital of Spain, in the heart of the country, Madrid is a hectic city, bright and friendly. Its parks, squares and the atmosphere that prevails in each neighborhood of the city will quickly give you the impression of being a real Madrilenian. The capital is an essential step during your stay.

Balearic Islands

Cap on the Balearic Islands with Ibiza, the party girl, Mallorca and Menorca the quietest to relax. Full of charm, these islands offer you beautiful landscapes: dream beaches, beautiful historical monuments, charming villages and nature conducive to beautiful hiking. Sunny all year round, the Balearic Islands can be visited whenever you like and so close it would be a shame to deprive you of it!

Canary Islands

Destination the Canaries to escape on one of the seven dream islands of this archipelago bathed in the Atlantic. Volcanic landscapes, coves and beaches of fine sand, verdant forests, each island is full of sumptuous places. Direction Linarite for its lunar landscapes, Fuerteventura for its immense beaches, Tenerife for its volcano the peak of Tide at more than 3700 m of altitude… And with its mild climate all the year and a omnipresent sun, you can go to the discovery of these islands whenever you want.